is a character from A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master and A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child. Played by Danny Hassel. Dan is a star football player for the Springwood Bulldogs. His friendship to Rick Johnson is what introduced him to Alice Johnson (heroine from Nightmare 4 and 5). Alice had a crush on Dan, but could not get up the courage to speak to him. The more power she gained from her friends dying, the more she talked to Dan, until they were the only ones left to stop Freddy. After saving him from Freddy and defeating him, they are shown to have a loving relationship. Having survived Nightmare 4, Dan returns in Nightmare 5 along with girlfriend Alice. In the opening scenes, Dan and Alice are making love. Afterwards, Alice is leaving her high school graduation to go to work. On the way she slips into a dream in which Freddy is reborn. When she arrives at work she immediately calls Dan at the graduation party. Terrified, she informs Dan that Freddy is back. Dan then leaves the party and rushes to be with Alice. On his way, in the truck, Dan falls asleep and Freddy joins him for the ride. Getting thrown from his truck back into the schools indoor swimming pool, Dan rushes outside again to find his truck locked and not having the keys on him. Instead he notices a motorcycle with the key in the ignition. He hops on the bike and speeds away. Along the way, the bike starts reaching higher speeds. Than cables burrow into Dan's hands, fastening him to the bike. The bike starts to crumble and a face starts to appear. The bike is actually one of Freddy's tricks. Cables burst out and burrow into his legs, back, arms, and face. After the cables are in place, they inject him with fuel causing his skin to dry out and rip apart. Freddy than takes him on a collision course with a semi-truck. Dan wakes up behind the wheel of his truck, only to meet his end with an oncoming tractor trailer.