Doc is a character in Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, he and his patient, Tracy are witness of Freddy's dead by Freddy's daughter, Maggie. Doc, in his job as psychiatric can controlled his own dream unlike previous people who died in Freddy's hand. In his sleep, Doc always make his head connected with dream detector device to know his own "dream wave" and controlled it. The device made Maggie go into Freddy's brain and searched the way to find his past, and Maggie pulled Freddy into real life. Without this, Freddy cannot be killed because the device is not constant, so Freddy cannot be pulled into the real world. But this theory does not exist in Freddy vs. Jason, when Lori pulled Freddy in her dream without any device. His fate unknown both in film or the other media. He is one of characters who does not exist in other media or sequel.