Greta was friends with Alice Johnson and a potential model. Her mother, Racine, was overbearing and had almost complete control on Greta's lifestyle and eating habits, intending to make Greta a star model while telling people that "they are always being mistaken for sisters." Despite Greta wanting to become a model, she wished she had more freedom than her mother let her and was often at blows with Racine.

After Dan Jordan was killed by Freddy Krueger, Alice tried to warn Greta and her two other friends, Mark Grey and Yvonne, but the three did not take her seriously, but they did tell her that even if someone was after Alice they would have to go through them first. That same night, at a dinner party Racine was holding to try and promote Greta's future modelling career, Greta fell asleep at the table. The dream started out with Greta arguing with Racine about her eating habits, when Freddy came in and locked Greta inside a high-chair. He served up a plate containing a self-image barbie doll of herself, which he then cut open and began to force-feed its organs while the dream versions of the party-goers, and Racine, all laugh at her. Greta's cheeks swelled up in size from the organs that Freddy was shoving in her mouth, Freddy began to mock her and, telling her "you are what you eat!" Greta started crying in frustrasion and Freddy started to hold her like a baby, then began violently shaking her. When Greta woke up, she started choking and her arms were shaking from him shaking her, but none of the people at the table did anything to help. At Alice's home, Greta's dreamself appeared to her through her refrigerator door crying for help. Alice tried to pull her out, only to have Freddy snatch her back in the refrigerator. In the real world, Greta continued to choke and shake, but died moments later. Racine got nervous and went over to help Greta, but it was too late. When Alice looked back in the refrigerator, Greta was lying in it, dead, with her cheeks swollen up from the organs. Out of all of them, Mark took her death the hardest, since he could not tell her that he loved her. Greta appeared three times in the movie after that. The first as her soul self was being fed to Alice's unborn son Jacob. The second time was in Mark's dream, being used by Freddy to mock him. And the third was when the soul selves of herself, Dan, and Mark escaped from Freddy.

Greta's only other appearance after the film was in Innovation's Nightmares on Elm Street miniseries, in a dream version of Wonderland Freddy was using to confuse Alice. Greta appeared as both Tweedledee and Tweedledum in an attempt to make Alice feel guilty for the deaths of her friends.