jesse:"oh god". freddy:"no just me

jesse's last words in a nightmare on elm street the re-make

jesse is a new character in the re-make and he re-palces rod from the original,he's kristens EX boy friends and a jock, he is first seen at the diner and gets mad and leaves when quentin teases him about kristen breaking up with him,after deans funeral he decides to keep kristen company for a night,half way through the night he wakes up and see's kristen get killed ,he gets drsssed and runns out the door setting off the alarm that krtsen set up erlier,he goes to nancy's place and tells her what happened ,he leaves nancy's palce and gets arrested,he's in a jail cell room and a gaurd tells him his parents paid his bail he walks down a hallway wich slowly turns into freddys boiler room,after running form freddy for several muinets freddy pops up behinde him and sticks his arm through jeese,he hangs jesse up side down and starts cutting him open and says"did you know the human brain and survive for up to 7 muinets fater death,we still got 6 muinets" then jeesse dies