is the male protagonist of A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985). He is portrayed by Mark Patton. The Walsh family moved into the house Nancy Thompson lived in. Jesse Walsh starts to have nightmares about Freddy Krueger. Jesse is possessed by Freddy, using his body to return to the real world. At first Krueger kills Coach Schneide, Jesse's intrusive and seductive coach. Jesse is then invited to a party at Lisa Webber's house. Lisa is a girl who befriended him after he moved in and has feelings for him. However, Jesse parts as he feels himself turning into Freddy. He comes to his friend Ron Grady and tells him to watch him. Ron agrees and when Freddy comes he is unable to escape. Freddy then kills Ron. Jesse then returns and comes to Lisa's house. Once again Freddy comes out and attacks Lisa. However, Jesse begins gain control over his body again, and causes Krueger to disappear, but he appears again and attacks the partygoers, killing seven of them. He then heads to the boiler room where he kills his other victims. Lisa follows him into it and tries to make Jesse repossess his own body by saying that she loves him. She then kisses Krueger and Jesse repossesses his own body sending Krueger back to the dream world. Days later, Jesse returns to his normal life only to realize that he is still in his nightmares. Although the house that Jesse and Nancy Thompson lived in is shown in the third film, as well as Nancy herself(who is seen still in her nightmares at the end of the original film) appearing, it is never explained if Jesse is alive elsewhere or died in his nightmares.