was portrayed by Rodney Eastman in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors and A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. Joey was a sensitive mute teenager who was committed to Westin Hills and is one of the last Elm Street children, along with Kristen Parker, Roland Kincaid, Will Stanton, Taryn White, Jennifer Caulfield, and Phillip Anderson. Joey shared a room at Westin Hills with Will Stanton. He is first captured by incognito Freddy posing as a beautiful nurse that Joey had a crush on at Westin Hills. Tied over a fire pit by snake-like tongues, he is saved by Nancy and Kincaid. At the end of the movie Joey discovers his dream power to be his voice.

Joey Crusel was in the sequel A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. In part 4, Freddy returns to kill the remaining Elm Street children. While Kristen is having a bad dream, she brings Joey Crusel who is no longer mute, Roland Kincaid, and Kincaid's dog, Jason into the dream world, which upsets Kincaid and Joey because there is no apparent threat. It is clear that Kincaid and Joey want to forget about Freddy and go on living like any other teenager. Joey falls asleep one night listening to his radio and watching MTV. Little does he know that Freddy has returned and just collected his dear friend Kincaid. Joey has a dream in which a model from a poster on his wall is swimming naked inside his waterbed. The model then disappears and Freddy slashes his way through the bed. He then grabs Joey and shoves him under the water, where he proceeds to stab him with his blades (Freddy states one of his famous death-lines: How's this for a wet dream?). Joey is discovered by his mother, drowned inside his waterbed, even though the waterbed's mattress is still intact. Joey is the second to last remaining Elm Street child.