kristen is an all new character in the re-make,taking the palce of tina from the origina

kristen meets dean at a diner and leaves to use the washroom when she gets back she sees deand slit his throat and is stunned,in the middle of deans funeral she see's a littler version of her self(but she dosn't know it) wearing a dress with claw marks across it,freddys hand pops up and grabs the litle girls ankle then kirsten wakes up,the next day she falls alseep in shool and see's freddy at a chalk baord he apparoches her but she wakes up again,she goes looking in the attic for clues and finds a box with the clawed dress in it she turns aronud and gets knock down by freddy but she wakes up before he can kill her,she then gets paranoid and sets up a door trip alarm(wich jessee sets off later) jesse appears at her window and ask's to spend the night,kristen then is suddenly in a school she walks down a hallway and see's freddy in a class room,he turns to her and says"lets play hide and go seek" she then runnns off scream and supposedly wakes up,she rolls over and freddy appears and says"found you" and slices her chest open