is a fictional character from the A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th film series. He was portrayed by Brendan Fletcher in Freddy vs. Jason In the film, Mark is the group's source of knowledge of Freddy Krueger. His older brother Bobby Davis had been stalked by Krueger, and killed himself by allegedly slitting his wrists in a bathtub. Mark was then committed to the Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital, along with several other young teenagers of Springwood, one of them, his roommate (or cellmate, really) was Will Rollins. Mark spent his days over the next four years missing his family, and going through the motions of being Institutionalized, developing a nervous twitch. Finally, when an attack breaks out at Lori's house (Will's girlfriend when he was 14) Mark decides to hatch a getaway plan, and takes a shot of tranq in order to acquire the access card of a security guard. Out on the run, Will and Mark hide in Mark's house for a few hours, getting a change of clothes and eventually heading towards Springwood High for Will in hopes of finding Lori. Mark discovers her before Will does, as she is shrieking about a nightmare that sounds all too familiar, and proceeds to give her a quick rundown on Freddy, including some free advice: "Coffee, make friends with it." In this brief moment, he makes eye contact with a girl in a red hat (Gibb) who has recently lost her lover the night before. She thinks that he is kind of cute "for a twitchy paranoid guy." Will arrives to ward Mark off, saying that he is scaring her, and she faints. Mark, seeing Principle Shaye arriving, grabs Will and they bolt. They discuss what Mark's motive was for explaining everything to Lori, and he says that for the first time in his life he's thinking maybe he's not crazy. They nearly get nabbed by the cops before bolting to the Springwood library, where Mark researches Krueger only to discover that everything on record for him has been completely erased or blacked out, including his brother's "suicide." it then clicks for him; The town was able to defeat Freddy by not fearing him anymore, and forgetting him, and locking up any kid who had a link to him. Westin Hills was a quarantine. Mark then realizes that he may have F-ed up the towns plan by spreading knowledge of Freddy at the high school, and begins to become paranoid and wants to bail, but Will refuses, insisting to find Lori first. Mark reluctantly agrees, but assures Will that if he is not back by Dawn, Mark will be gone. He lends Will his brother's van, and heads inside where he spends time on the internet and looking at family photos. However, this soon goes astray as he unfortunately falls asleep at his desk and sees his brother wink at him on the picture, then on the computer witnesses his brother's apparent suicide. Unbeknownst to Mark that he is asleep, he heads to the bathroom and attempts to take a Wake-Aid pill, but accidentally drops it down the drain, and is then greeted by Freddy in the form of his suicidal brother. He has tentacles and ills attack Mark as he cries out for help; "Somebody please wake me up! Please!" Freddy appears as himself then and offers Mark a deal; Just pass on a message for me and you can live. Mark weighs the offer, but ultimately refuses. Freddy then says he must pass the message himself, and scratches "FREDDY'S BACK" in Mark's back. Will and Lori arrive just in time to see Mark leap up from his desk and beg for help, but they are too late, a set of claw marks come across Mark's face and he dies. However, Mark's warnings of Freddy live on and he later re-appears in Will's dream to warn him some more.