is a fictional character from the 1989 release A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child. After Dan Jordan, boyfriend of Alice Johnson, gets killed by Freddy, Alice warns her friends about Freddy Krueger. Mark is the only one out of the trio to take any kind of interest in what Alice is saying. Greta Gibson is the next to be offed by Freddy, and at this point, Mark is 100% behind Alice. Mark falls asleep and Freddy invites him to his house. In the process, Freddy cuts open both of Mark's hands, and that's when we realize Mark has a horrific fear of blood. Mark goes on his own volition and prints out anything he can find about Freddy. After having a fight with Yvonne, Alice and Mark go to Mark's "house" (he lives in his dad's factory). Alice instructs Mark to stay awake while she goes to look for Freddy. While watching over her, he decides to read comic books. He finds a particular comic book entitled "Nightmares From Hell". He reads through it and finally realizes that it has comic drawings of Dan and Greta's deaths. Than he gets sucked into the comic book itself. Freddy uses a porcelain doll of Greta against him. He then builds up enough rage and turns into his comic book creation "The Phantom Prowler" (similar to Will Stantons wizard dream powers in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, which proves to be no match for Freddy, who becomes "super freddy" who's "powers" parody many super heroes like batman or superman, although this was more for comedic affect on Freddy's part rather than any actual need to be stronger. Freddy (no longer as super freddy) turns Mark into paper and slices him to death.