Quentin Smith is a new character in the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. He replaces Johnny Depp's character, Glen Lantz from the first film. Quentin is shown right from the beginning to be attracted to Nancy, though she shoots him down whenever he asks her out. It is he who finally discovers the destiny of Freddy Krueger (after Nancy`s mother lied to them), while he was in his swimming training he is dragged to the moment in which his father, along with the others burned Krueger alive, killing him; in real life he almost drowned to death. He was at first angry with his father and himself, believing that Freddy was innocent and was burnt alive for lies made up by 5 year old kids. It is unknown whether or not he survives the film, but is shown in the ambulance with critical injuries in the end. Quentin is portrayed by Kyle Gallner.