is a character from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors, played by Jennifer Rubin. A troubled young lady, Taryn had a history of abusing drugs and was harassed by one of the male orderlies at Westin Hills Psychiatric Home because no one would believe a "crazy junkie chick" as the man put it. Along with the other Elm Street children, Taryn can become someone special in her dream. She chooses to become a tough biker chick, complete with two switchblades. Taryn is committed at Westin Hills Psychiatric Home along with several other kids from Elm Street who have been having nightmares about Freddy Krueger, the dream stalker who was vanquished by Nancy Thompson six years beforehand. Nancy comes to visit Taryn and her friends at the hospital. Nancy is the only person who believes their story, as she was one of a few people who managed to defeat Freddy in the past. Taryn was addicted to drugs prior to being referred to the hospital, but she vowed to give them up. She is still a smoker though and is seen smoking in the corridor. Taryn and the other inmates become the Dream Warriors and they attempt to save their comatose friend Joey by coming into the same dream. Joey was captured by Freddy after they fell asleep during a group session and he wandered off. Joey was left suspended above a fire pit, after he was seduced by Freddy, who was disguised as the nurse Joey had a crush on. Eventually, the Dream Warriors save Joey from a horrible fate. Unfortunately, Taryn ends up in an alley and is confronted by Freddy Krueger. Taryn is dressed as a punk rocker armed with a black leather catsuit, black leather gloves and a pair of switchblades. She stabs Freddy in their fight but despite a valiant effort, Freddy uses Taryn's fears against her. Instead of knives, the fingers on both hands become syringes and, after he says one of his killer quotes, "let's get high!", he kills Taryn by injecting her in both arms, which precipitates an overdose. As the veins rush up to her head and then her brain, she screams and cries at the same time, prompting Freddy to say "What a rush!" as he rolls his eyes back. Taryn's scream stops indicating she is dead.[24]

In the Nightmare on Elm Street comic series, Taryn White makes several appearances. She appears in Nightmares on Elm Street, a six-issue miniseries published by Innovation Comics. When Neil Gordon ventures into the dream world to confront Freddy Krueger, he encounters Taryn White, Roland Kincaid, and other characters from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. Taryn White also makes an appearance in Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: Nightmare Warriors, when the new Dream Master, Jacob Johnson, summons Amanda Krueger and the Dream Warriors.