is a character in Freddy vs. Jason, played by Jason Ritter. A resident of Springwood and the boyfriend of Lori Campbell Will is forcibly confined to Westin Hills Sanitarium after witnessing Lori's father seemingly kill his wife (in actuality he was trying to save her from Freddy Krueger). After seeing Lori on the news Will manages to escape with help from fellow inmate Mark Davis (who is later killed by Freddy) and meets up with Lori and her friends, later discerning that the recent spate of murders in the town were committed by Jason Voorhees under Freddy's command. Traveling back to Westin Hills in search of the dream suppressant Hypnocil to protect themselves from Freddy, Will and the others are attacked by Jason, who is eventually knocked out by the machinations of Freddy (who also disposed of the Hypnocil). When Lori hatches the plan to enter the Dreamscape and wake Jason up and drag Freddy out Will drives everyone to Crystal Lake; when Lori's plan to have the killers fight each other in the real world works Will (despite being injured) helps her blow up the dock Freddy and Jason are battling on, sending the two flying into the lake, with Freddy being decapitated shortly afterward by Lori.[20]

The Avatar Press comic Friday the 13th Special briefly references Will and Lori, stating that the only witnesses to what destroyed the Crystal Lake Resorts Project were a pair of teenagers "who claimed they saw monsters".[25] Several swooning references to Will are also made in an old blog post of Lori's Peter digs up in the Black Flame book A Nightmare on Elm Street: Suffer the Children.[1] In the Wildstorm and Dynamite Entertainment comic Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash, set five years after the events of Freddy vs. Jason, Will and Lori return to Crystal Lake (renamed Forest Green once more) to make sure Jason and Freddy are gone for good. While Lori is distracted looking around the woods Will is killed by Jason, who rips his innards out and hangs him in an empty condominium for Lori to find. After killing Lori too Jason drags her and Will's bodies to his shack in the forest



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